Thursday, April 26, 2007

more awesome moments in Yellowstone. . .
From the steaming geysers to following buffalo on the road to soaking in the Boiling River at dusk, Montana is all about the outdoors, wildlife and the big big sky. Each day is filled with a new adventure such as feeding the horses, hiking in the wild, eating at some really good places such as Looies Down Under, Mackenzie River Pizza, wine at Plonk and of course a cozy night spent at Chico Hot Springs in Pray, MT. Guess what? NO sales tax in Montana so that means I should be shopping, too.


  1. Jane, you look like you are having such a wonderful time.
    Carolyn M

  2. Cindy Trobaugh5:17 PM

    The big question;; Have you learned to love country music? Otherwise, it looks like a fun trip. Or as we say down here--"raht nace."Cindy T.